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Why did the sex doll become the ideal?

Paris Hilton is famous for starring in a home-made sex video seen by tens of millions and for wearing next-to-nothing on her nightly forays into the public eye. Half the female inhabitants of Big Brother, now ‘promoted’ to Celebrity D-list status, appear in public wearing so little they make regular underwear look overdressed.

Jessica Simpson in her music video for These Boots Are Made for Walking performs the classic soft porn ritual of washing a car practically using her breasts as dusters, and apparently attracts the envy of millions of teenagers.

Recently, pole-dancing has been promoted as the new women’s ‘liberation’. Girls are allegedly doing what they really, really want by behaving like strippers from the 1950s. So-called ‘raunch culture’ has given women the right to objectify their own bodies. [More]


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December 14, 2006 - Posted by | News

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  1. such… ‘culture’ reveals just one thing: outlook on oneselves as the cold cuts.

    Comment by Tomas | December 21, 2006 | Reply

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