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Lonely Sea Monster

“Lonely Sea Monster,” written by Deanna Molinaro is a cute, short story about a lonely monster who wants nothing more than the companionship of a little girl. Click the image to see what happens.


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June 15, 2007 Posted by | Art, Cute, Writing/Literature | 1 Comment

10 Commandments for a Simpler Life

clipped from ririanproject.com

I. You shall find work that is fun.

II. You shall laugh on a daily basis.

III. You shall sell the box sitting in your living room.

IV. You shall break your addiction to the news and go on a “news fast.”

V. You shall get in the habit of taking daily “silence breaks.”

VI. You shall clean up your act.

VII. You shall turn off your technology.

VIII. You shall be spontaneous.

IX. You shall set a bedtime and stick to it.

X. You shall learn what is “enough.”

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