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The Sun’s Journey Across the Sky

clipped from antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download<br />  the highest resolution version available.

If you took a picture of the Sun at the same time each day, would it remain in the same position? The answer is no, and the shape traced out by the
Sun over the course of a year is called an analemma. The Sun’s apparent shift is caused by the Earth’s motion around the Sun when combined with the
tilt of the Earth’s rotation axis. The Sun will appear at its highest point of the
analemma during summer and at its lowest during winter.
Analemmas created from different Earth latitudes would appear at least slightly different, as well as analemmas created at a different time each day.
The analemma pictured to the left was built up by Sun photographs taken from 1998 August through 1999 August from Ukraine. The foreground picture from the same location was taken during the early evening in 1999 July.

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Most Popular Myths In Science

True or false? Click the link below to find out.

1. Chickens can live without a head

2. Water drains backwards in the Southern Hemisphere due to the Earth’s rotation

3. There is no gravity in space

4. Humans use only 10 percent of their brains

5. Eating a poppy seed bagel mimics opium use

6. A penny dropped from the top of a tall building could kill a pedestrian7. Adults don’t grow new brain cells

8. Chicken soup can cure the common cold

9. Yawning is “contagious”

10. Lightning never strikes the same place twice

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Sulphur Hexafluoride: 6 Times Heavier Than Air


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